You’ve Been Hacked!

You’ve created your new website.

It’s all pretty!

You’re really proud of it.

You’ve been blogging away creating great articles.

You’ve been driving traffic to your site – collecting names.

And then BAM the next time you open your site, the WordPress theme has changed. Or you get a screen that’s been completely taken over by something claiming to be The Black Jaguar. You can’t log in to the site.

You’ve been hacked!

Here are some things to remember and consider if this happens to you:

  • REMAIN CALM! Getting all worked up about it isn’t going to solve the problem. You can be pissed. You can throw a fit. But then calm down and get focussed so that you can get this corrected sooner rather than later. The more time you spend freaking out the longer it will be before you can start to implement a plan to get it back.
  • Call your web person or hosting service. Even if you don’t have a web person regularly, you can go directly to your hosting site to see if they can help you. Call him or her or them!
  • Make sure that you back-up your site regularly. When you do this, don’t overwrite your previous backup. You may want to keep 2 or 3 different backups because you may have to go back a couple of versions if you have backuped compromised data. Ask your web person to help you with this.
  • Especially if you’re using a WordPress site – use something other than the word admin as your admin login name. Using admin makes it real easy for hackers to get in your site – all they have to do now is figure out your password. Use a login name that’s not easy for a hacker to figure out. Don’t use your name or the name of your site or your favourite word that you use in your site.


  • Use a complicated password. One that uses caps, lower case, numbers and special characters. If there are other admin users on your WP site, make sure they too change their passwords. If they’re not able to change their passwords right away, then change their security level until they are able to change their password.

Good luck and stay on-line safe!

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