Where the heck have you been?

Well, it seems it’s been awhile since there was any kind of post on here about working on systems in your business.

You’re probably thinking that I abandoned my peeps. That I shut down the business. That I moved on.

Well, I hopefully didn’t do any of those things, but felt like I should give you some honesty of where I’ve been for the last 3+ years.

It’s true, there were some life circumstances that intervened with this blog and caused me to retreat from being active in a public way here. But I didn’t stop working.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must say that I still have a day-job and perhaps that has been a safety net, or an excuse, it is what it is. So when my life got turned upside down a few years ago, I found myself back in that safety net. And I was OK with that.

I took that time to take the skills and knowledge that I learned from building this business to use at my job-job. I owned the decision to go back to the job. It gave me the security of an income as well as making sure that I had my medical coverage.

While that may appear to be an excuse, it is what it is. But I didn’t stop working on developing business contacts. I just changed the way that I did business. Chose to scale a little differently, in the hopes that I could still work with clients, building their systems, earning some side income, while still having the guaranteed income.

When I initially setup this blog and the business of helping business owners systematize their business, I often ran into the struggle of business owners assuming that systematizing was me going in and setting up their “tech” systems. And probably I wasn’t very clear about the work that I did – I’ll admit it. And that’s why it became easy for me to scale into helping business owners create websites – because I was setting up their ‘system’ and they could see it as something tangible.

It was a great side business, and something that I was good at, especially given my background from College as a Computer Programmer. I learned the art of custom coding a few wordpress themes to give the client the look of a website that they wanted. I was giving them their system.

But oh my gosh! I was fascinated by the knitpicky way of a business owner to be so specific to the millimeter or % of shade of colour that it was draining. I was surprised the be expectation of what they wanted, when I wondered if the specific changes and the time that it took were something that their clients even noticed. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being specific and wanting things to look great. I am. But sometimes those little things that aren’t life threatening, almost felt like they were life threatening.

It’s hard to explain to someone that we can do what you want, but it will cost you, and will be of benefit to you.

So fast forward to today, and I find myself still working at the day-job, and quite honestly, likely the complexity and different-ness (is that a word or expression), that I’m presented with. It reminds me though, that I still want to share with my peeps and followers the importance of developing systems in your business so that you are sucked into the hole of working your tail off and not enjoying your life.

Yes, I’m back. And with that, I have polished off a few of my previously developed systems. Gave them an overhaul. And truly defined how I want to proceed with this.

Come on back because I’ll be sharing more of what I learned – from really technical stuff of getting your website online to truly working with and managing people to help you get more done.

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