Turning On-Line Connections into Opportunity

My new Friday afternoon habit is to reach out to people who I’ve been communicating and connecting with on-line. This could be through the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, or an on-line group or forum.We spend a lot of time these days on this side of the computer screen. Typing messages, reading blogs, searching the internet or playing games. And when it comes time to have a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation with someone, we clam up.

I can tell you that every person who I reached out to in the last couple of weeks was gratefulto me because I reached out. Not one person turned down the opportunity to talk with me! Not one!

I can’t take full credit for coming up with the idea. When I learn from others, I like to share. Pat Mussieux of ConfidenceandCourage.com had suggested it in an on-line forum that I’m a member – and from there I took action.

On-line forums and social media are places where we can find our ideal clients, but we do need to engage in a personal relationship in order to truly build our business.

Here are the easy steps that you can take today to begin to build your relationships:

  1. Schedule 30-minutes each week in your calendar, I like Friday afternoon.
  2. Set a target of 3-5 people to reach out to.
  3. Search through your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, On-line Forums, emails for people who have commented on a discussion that you posted, have asked you a question or you have been seeing that they are having great discussions with others and you want to meet them.
  4. Locate their email address, either through the forum, social media, or their website.
  5. Write a short 3-4 sentence email (**tip:save this as a signature in MS Outlook so you can use it again, or in a file so you can copy and paste):
    • how you are connected
    • your intention – to talk voice-to-voice to get to know each other
    • include possible dates/times you are available
    • ask for their phone number so that you can phone them
  6. Press send!

The first time you do this, you may experience some anxiety. But I can tell you that I sent 5 messages and within 30 minutes I had 2 appointments set up.

Add this strategy to your weekly networking and I can tell you that in no time these calls will be easy-peezy.

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