To Add or Not To Add…That IS The Question

Since returning home from Be The Change, where there were some amazing connections, I have followed up with everyone. I used my follow-up system, sent personalized emails, and invited them all to download a resource that I thought might be beneficial to them.

I have received a few follow-ups from others who I met, some but not all. Interestingly, not one of them invited me to join their list – and some of them have a list building option on their website.

When I sent out my follow-ups, there was an inviation to check out a f*ree product that I had created called Networking Success Blueprint: How to Turn any Networking Event into a Huge Success using 3 Simple Steps. In doing so, if they chose to download it, they would be added to my list.

This is permission-based list adding. Meaning by downloading the f*ree resource, they were adding them to my list. They get to decide if what I have to offer will be of value to them.

Let me give you an example of non-permission-based list adding.

In the last month, I have twice been added to 2 different lists. I know this because I am super diligent about using one email address for all newsletter and list additions so that I can have all the incoming newsletters routed to a special folder in my email, instead of clogging up my inbox. So I notice when there is a newsletter in my main inbox.

This may be considered spamming. In both cases, I did not recognize the name of the list owner. As it turned out, I did have a previous relationship with both individuals, but I only found this out after I contacted both individuals to find out how I got added. And as I suspected, it was an innocent mistake. They didn’t realize the etiquette rules.

Use these follow-up tips to turn your next networking event into a success:

  • Follow-up within 24-48 hours of your networking event with a personalized email. For hot leads, you may want to make a phone call.
  • Include a f*ree resource which invites your new connection to download, and in doing so, adds them to your list.
  • If you want to add someone to your list who you might have a relationship with, make sure to first ask them for their permission.
  • After asking for their permission, send a reminder email that you’ve added them before they get their first newsletter.

Happy Networking!

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