Systems Liberate You!

I am at the Leap 2011 event with Kendall Summerhawk, and today she said “systems liberate you.” A woman after my own heart.

I just love that statement. How could I not being the ‘systems girl’ and all?!

I find that most people start their business because they want to design their life on their own terms. And here’s what fascinates me.

They want to maintain controlling everything in their business.

Now I didn’t say that they wanted to have control, they want to be controlling. There is a difference.

When you have control over your business, you have a vision for what you want for the outcome and you know what your brilliance is, and most importantly you know those things that are not your brilliance. These things that are not your brilliance are done by someone else. You are in control of the desired outcome, but you are not controlling of how it gets done.

When you are controlling everything in your business, it means that nothing – I’ll repeat that – nothing gets done without your permission – AKA bottleneck.

If you’re business isn’t making the money that you desire, or if you are working day, night and the midnight shift and still not getting it all done, it’s quite possible that you’re controlling all aspects of your business instead of being in control.

To get out of the controlling stage, begin by writing down all of the steps that you want done in the different tasks that you feel that you have to control.

Once you have them written down – DELEGATE the task to someone else to do.

Ta Da! You now have systems in your business that YOU created. Now you can be in control of your business AND get stuff done!

You have just created FREEDOM. Freedom to spend on personal time, or freedom to spend on other areas of your business.

And that is what Kendall means when she says “systems liberate you.”

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