You smile a lot!

That’s what I hear when I go to restaurants and businesses – as a customer. “You smile a lot.” “You’re always laughing.” I hadn’t really thought about it much until I was hearing that statement at just about every place I went. As a result of smiling and laughing, I almost always get awesome customer […] Keep Reading ->

Last night I had an interesting thing happen.I was travelling and just getting settled in to my hotel room. I had registered to watch a webinar and was running just a few minutes behind. As I was tossing off my coat and boots and setting up my laptop to get online, my cell phone started […] Keep Reading ->

Managing Your Calendar

When using a calendar system to book appointments, consider using an online service like or TimeTrade to connect directly to your electronic calendar. Clients can book their own appointments based on your availability. All you have to do is provide them a link. Then they can schedule an appointment that’s suitable for their schedule.Don’t […] Keep Reading ->

Number 539 YOU’RE ON DECK! My heart starts to race, I can feel it pounding as I hear my number being announced. And when I do, I can feel my horse under me, her heart starts to beat, I can feel it through the saddle. I close my eyes, I see myself running in the […] Keep Reading ->

I have heard of an on-line service called Posterous before. But I hadn’t really given it a lot of thought. Probably because I didn’t understand what the heck it was about. Nor was I ready to write a blog.The thought of writing a blog and then having to update the multiple social media places seemed […] Keep Reading ->

For years I used to listen to a good friend of mine tell me how she just hated it when she washed her hair. Not because she was an unclean person, but because after she would take the towel off her long hair it would be one BIG fuzzy knot and the thoughts of combing […] Keep Reading ->

Three years ago, we purchased a new system for our washroom in our home– aka a new toilet. It was time to upgrade to a new low flush system – so off to the hardware store I went, purchased, and brought it home for my dad – not a plumber – to install. Everything seemed […] Keep Reading ->

Forget the resolutions. Forget control and discipline, too much work. Instead try experimenting. ~Dale Dauten It’s day 5 of 2011 already. And no doubt, your email inbox is already beginning to be overwhelmed by the emails reminding you about setting your resolutions [or intentions] for this year. Well…this is not one of them. According to […] Keep Reading ->

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries on what I would recommend for: the best way to manage projects on-line the best contact management system to use the best calendaring system the best newsletter template blah blah blah Everyone is looking for that “best” piece of technology that’s going to help lift them out […] Keep Reading ->

Where are you now?

People tend to start a business because they are really good at something, or have a passion. If that describes you, wonderful! For some business owners, the purpose or vision may not be lined up with their current reality and the journey they are taking. The challenge is to stay on track, on purpose, as […] Keep Reading ->