“How do I delegate? By the time I can tell my VA to do something (send my emails for example) I can just write the text and just do it myself. I feel that sometimes I get details done at the last minute so how I can possibly delegate that?” ~survey respondent Can you relate […] Read more

The Gift of Giving

Perhaps this may seem like a bizarre topic for a systems strategist to talk about – gift giving. But let me first tell you about some experiences that I’ve had with it recently. In March of this year, I attended the Be The Change Event that my marketing and business coach Suzanne Evans delivered. Before […] Read more

Systems Liberate You!

I am at the Leap 2011 event with Kendall Summerhawk, and today she said “systems liberate you.” A woman after my own heart. I just love that statement. How could I not being the ‘systems girl’ and all?! I find that most people start their business because they want to design their life on their […] Read more

Tools of the Trade

When you hear the word systems do you automatically think technology? When I begin working with clients, they often would ask me what is the best system they should be using. And when they ask me that they were only thinking about the what technology (tool) will help them. The word systems can be defined […] Read more

Where Does The Time Go?

Recently I’ve been speaking with business owners who ask me how do I have time for the things that I love – like showing my horse. The answer is simple – I schedule that first. Well, that could be the end of this article, but I’m guessing that for some there is still a struggle […] Read more

As I have been preparing for my telesummit, managing client work, and working on other projects, it has become a bit of a juggling act to keep the different activities organizeed that I would like to mention in my upcoming newsletters. I have been doing a bit of trial-and-error in some cases. I started out […] Read more

Since returning home from Be The Change, where there were some amazing connections, I have followed up with everyone. I used my follow-up system, sent personalized emails, and invited them all to download a resource that I thought might be beneficial to them. I have received a few follow-ups from others who I met, some […] Read more

As I get ready to head out to the Be The Change Event in Florida, I’ve been talking to a few clients who have also been getting ready. You’ve probably been to a (or many) networking events yourself. Do you come home with a stack of cards and the greatest of intentions of following up? […] Read more

You’ve Been Hacked!

You’ve created your new website. It’s all pretty! You’re really proud of it. You’ve been blogging away creating great articles. You’ve been driving traffic to your site – collecting names. And then BAM the next time you open your site, the WordPress theme has changed. Or you get a screen that’s been completely taken over […] Read more

My new Friday afternoon habit is to reach out to people who I’ve been communicating and connecting with on-line. This could be through the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, or an on-line group or forum.We spend a lot of time these days on this side of the computer screen. Typing messages, […] Read more