Managing Your Calendar

When using a calendar system to book appointments, consider using an online service like or TimeTrade to connect directly to your electronic calendar.

Clients can book their own appointments based on your availability. All you have to do is provide them a link. Then they can schedule an appointment that’s suitable for their schedule.

Don’t worry about being booked when you don’t want to be. You can tell these services what times you are willing to take appointments. They are also smart enough to link to your calendar, check it for availability, and then book the time in your calendar.

If you’ve since booked an appointment in your calendar that you would have previously had available, these on-line services won’t offer that as a suggestion.

You can even tell them to not schedule last minute appointments.

If you also use an iPhone or SmartPhone – you can sync your calendar to your phone so that you’re reminded of your appointments when you’re not with your computer!

Happy calendaring

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