Keeping Track of Your Marketing Schedule

As I have been preparing for my telesummit, managing client work, and working on other projects, it has become a bit of a juggling act to keep the different activities organizeed that I would like to mention in my upcoming newsletters.

I have been doing a bit of trial-and-error in some cases. I started out using a paper file to keep track of things, but I didn’t always have my paper files with me, or it also meant handwriting out my thoughts which seemed like a waste of time.

Others use a grid or a table with the various sections and record the information and to plan in advance. Great suggestion. But I found that needed to have it also showing up in my calendar so that it was on my list of things to do, to remind me, to block off some time for some things that I needed to prepare for. And then it occurred to me.

Because I am a MS Outlook user, I can do both – create a “chart” and create a separate newsletter calendar. By creating a new calendar, it doesn’t actually go in to my personal calendar unless I want it to, which means that it does not clutter my calendar, but it will still send me reminders.

Here is what I did:

  1. I first created a new calendar called “newsletters”
  2. I then created a bi-weekly recurring appointment for the Sunday prior to my newsletter being published. This appointment is called “newsletter prep.”
  3. In this recurring appointment, I included the header information of the sections of my newsletter.
  4. I created another recurring appointment for the Wednesday that my newsletter is published called “newsletter day” – sometimes it’s just so simple, eh!

For each one of the “prep” recurring appointments, I am able to open it individually and modify the contents of the appointment. Now I am able to see at a glance what I have committed to promote in future newsletters.

I then published this calendar, which allows me to share it with my VA. As a result, she will be able to go in and grab the details of my newsletter and insert the information into the previously created template in my 1ShoppingCart account.

The System

And that is how you create a system in your business. Work through those things that you know need to get done, but you don’t love doing, or they’re not your best strength, or the best use of your time.

Identify the steps that need to be done, and look for a solution to streamline it to make it easy to delegate while still maintaining control of some of the details.

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