Having a massage could be your most productive hour

productive, ideas, getting stuff done, massageIt’s no secret. I go for a regular massage every 3 weeks. I started going several years ago for a back injury – probably because of a horse riding experience, or because I sat all day long in an office chair. Once I started to feel better, I continued to keep going.

Sure I can say it’s because it helps keep me mobile, and it does. But in reality, I get a lot work accomplished in that hour.


When you’re lying face-down on the table with someone’s elbow drove into your back, there’s not much else you can be doing but thinking. There’s no Facebook, no Twitter, no email, no phone calls, no interruptions, no internet distractions….

There’s just me and my massage therapist.

When I allow my body to just relax my brain then goes into overdrive. I have had some of my most brilliant ideas while getting a massage. Heck even this article was inspired there.

And because you’ve allowed yourself to relax and work through some of the details, you can make productive action right away. I am usually so full of energy because of the great ideas that I came up with, that I am able to get them initiated and sometimes completed that same day.

Before going for my massage, I am down on energy – but afterwards, look out!

So, when’s your next massage scheduled?

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