Enough is Enough!

Have you said that before?

Albert Einstein defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Now, being the systems girl, I do like it when things are easily repeatable, automated, and happen like clock-work.

BUT when it ain’t working for ya then enough is enough!

This can show up in your business in different areas.

* Missing appointments because you have not added them to your calendar.

* New clients not receiving all of their welcome information because you were manually and personally sending them the details yourself.

* Running out of time in the day because you didn’t schedule enough time.

* Lost out on a potential client because you didn’t see their email in your 10,000+ email messages.

* When all of these things happen repeatedly, it can seem overwhelming, overburdening, never ending, out of control. And you feel EXHAUSTED!

Sometimes is takes drastic measures to stop the insanity.

Sometimes you have to make an investment – in both time and money.

Sometimes you need to find support from someone else.

What can you do the next time you find yourself in this situation?

STOP repeating the process! By the way – stopping is an ACTION!

SCHEDULE time in your calendar to work on a new solution.

WRITE down all of the things that are not working. If one thing was changed, would that fix all of the others.

ASK others for their opinion. Friends, family and customers. Invite customers to complete a survey – it might surprise you of their answers and guide you to make decisions based on what your customer really wants, instead of what you think that they want.

START working in a new routine.

© 2011 Janice Bennett