Don’t get your hair in a KNOT

For years I used to listen to a good friend of mine tell me how she just hated it when she washed her hair. Not because she was an unclean person, but because after she would take the towel off her long hair it would be one BIG fuzzy knot and the thoughts of combing it out would almost bring tears to her eyes.

“You don’t understand” she would say. No, perhaps I didn’t understand. I too have long hair but I do not have the same problem that she has.

I would ask her if she used conditioner – yes she would say. Huh? I would be stumped. But I’m not a trained hair expert.

So I would continue to listen to this for years.

About three years ago we went on a trip together, and it was then that I discovered her problem!

After she had her hair all neatly wrapped in her towel, and while she was taking it off, she’d hang her head upside down and proceed to briskly towel dry her hair some more – creating a beautiful birds nest.

Ah ha!

The extra step that she was adding was creating all of her problems. Once she stopped that last task (in her hair drying system) and just took the towel off her head, she could easily comb out her hair. No one had ever told her not to do that before. All of the times she had told her hairdresser how much trouble she had, no one thought to ask her how exactly she was towel drying her hair.

Sometimes it takes having an outside person watching the steps that you take and then identifying one little modification that can completely change the outcome. For her she no longer dreaded the task of combing her hair after showering.

In your business it can be the same thing. You may have been doing a task for so long – repeatedly well – that you may not even realize that it could be costing you m*oney or time or customers.

Here’s what you need to do in your business:

  •  Regularly schedule a review of the different processes in your business. As with everything in life and business, technology changes, customer needs change, your needs change, and therefore this is something that you should constantly be open to review. If you establish a culture in your business that is open to review and adjusting then it is not something that is feared by you or your employees.
  • Ask someone who is not normally in your day-to-day operations to watch what happens. They will not be biased by knowing what is supposed to be done. They will see things from a different view.
  • Be open to what they have to say and try their suggestions. I would recommend if there is more than one suggestion, to only implement one at a time. And once this suggestion has been tested to work (or not) then advance to the next suggestion.
You will be pleasantly surprised by how seemingly simple one little change can make a HUGE difference in your business.

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