Barrel Racing and Business Ideas

Number 539 YOU’RE ON DECK!

My heart starts to race, I can feel it pounding as I hear my number being announced.

And when I do, I can feel my horse under me, her heart starts to beat, I can feel it through the saddle. I close my eyes, I see myself running in the gate heading straight toward the third barrel, as I cross the start line I began to veer to the first barrel, ask my horse to rate herself, and turn and then like a shot we’re off to the second barrel, just strides before, I ask her again to set herself over and make the turn, the adrenaline as that barrel is just inches away from my knee. Now off to the third, I have to grab on so that she doesn’t power me out of the saddle, rate the third and go for home.

That’s the perfect run – I can see it clearly in my mind.

Number 539 YOU’RE IN NOW! The announcer calls.

As I make my way up the chute, my horse starts to fidget underneath me. I can feel her wanting to double back, and she even tries it, I maintain the course, keep her head pointed in the direction we want to go. She gets in the chute and wants to go, but we can’t just yet, we have to wait for the bell, I have to maintain her energy, we can’t explode too soon.

Here we go…

Just like I had visioned it, we’re running the race. Oh my God the adrenaline!

Why on earth is this anything like running a business you’re probably asking yourself?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had a great idea in your business and you just want to implement it right away.

You feel that excitement, you can see the end result, but as you start to implement it, fear starts to set in. You ask yourself, what will people think, you want to double-back, retreat for they may think you’re crazy.

But you don’t, you go, and then the rush is exciting, you end up on autopilot, and then you have to slow down, make an adjustment, and bam, you’re off again. And then another adjustment, and away you go, and possible a third adjustment, controlling the energy, and then you’re on the home stretch.

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