A NEW System Doesn’t Mean That It’s Working RIGHT

Three years ago, we purchased a new system for our washroom in our home– aka a new toilet.

It was time to upgrade to a new low flush system – so off to the hardware store I went, purchased, and brought it home for my dad – not a plumber – to install. Everything seemed to work ok – no leaks, it flushed, works great! Or so I thought.

Over the 3 years, it would take longer and longer to fill up. We hadn’t thought too much at first because we also have gravity fed water – so we just assumed (such a bad word isn’t it?) with the new low flush, that it also takes a little longer to fill up. We got used to it –there were only 2 of us in our home.

In December, we had a family Christmas party and unfortunately, we learned in a hurry how slow our system really was. You soon learn where your bottleneck is in your system.

Now, since I’m not a plumber, I don’t know the proper name for the water intake thing, but my boyfriend took that out of the toilet to fine – guess what?!?

Earwigs!! Gross!

Yup, full of earwigs. They must have come pre-loaded from the hardware store. We wouldn’t have known because it was fully assembled when we bought it.

We purchased a $25 part replacement and our new toilet flushes like a dream.

Lessons learned:

  • New isn’t always best; there may need to be upgrades and adjustments to your system after you install it.
  • Learn from the bottleneck in your system and address it right away.
  • Don’t think that just because there is a system breakdown that you have to do a full replacement; it may be just a small cost replacement/upgrade to get you back in business.

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